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Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-Chavez

It is that time of year again... the leaves are turning, the temperatures are finally getting cooler and the kids have gone back to school. What a perfect time of year for "a back to school tune-up" for those of us who are in sales. In other words, discussing what is working, not working; what we know, do not know; and come up with how we can best utilize tools we have been trained on, followed by one-on-one tours.

The purpose of this is for us to be accountable, dependable and reliable to consistently meeting or exceeding goals. Pretty simple, huh?

If you are a Sales Manager reading this article, you will want to take four sales meetings over the next month to have discussions with your sales team utilizing the questions below and doing some one-on-one sales touring. I highly recommend four sales meetings, as you may learn through asking these questions that there is some retraining that needs to be done.

By investing this time over the next four weeks, you will set yourself and the team up for a higher level of success because you will be clear about what they know and what they need help with to be more accountable, dependable and reliable to meet or exceed goals.

If you are a Salesperson reading this article, I encourage you to take this to your Sales Manager and have them follow the format as described previously. Away we go with the discussion questions:

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