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Chris Warner and Earth Treks

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Our cover story subject this month, Chris Warner, Founder and Owner of Earth Treks, is a world-renowned mountaineer who has scaled the pinnacles of the climbing world: Mount Everest and K2. Most may think Everest is the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb because it is the tallest. However, it is actually K2 (world's second tallest) that is more dangerous with almost 30% of those attempting the climb losing their life (Everest is around 3%). As the ninth American to have scaled both peaks, Warner is truly in elite company. By comparison, only 12 Americans have ever walked on the moon!

As Warner will explain, in climbing, business and life, partnership is absolutely crucial. A trusting partnership up and down the world's most dangerous mountains provides the best possible chance of survival. Partnership that creates camaraderie and community among the members of Earth Treks has created its best possible chance for success over the past 20+ years and is now fueling its quickly-accelerating growth. And, of course, in life, where would any of us be without those of whom we are close?

Even if climbing is not in your wheelhouse or that of your health and fitness club facility, I still recommend reading this cover story. It contains great lessons in business and life, and it features an excellent bonus: Inspiration... It will just pump you up! With that, I welcome you to read on.

An Interview With Chris Warner, Founder and Owner of Earth Treks

Trek In

Club Insider (C.I.) - Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Chris Warner (CW) - I was born in New York City and lived in New Jersey until I was 17. Then, I hit the road, and I guess I have been on the road ever since. For the last few years, we've lived in Golden, Colorado, which is right where the Rocky Mountains meet the Plains. There is climbing, hiking and mountain biking in our backyard. We also have a place in Aspen, and I'd prefer to be spending more time up there (laughing).

C.I. - Where did you go to school and what did you study?
CW - I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder, and I studied geography with an emphasis in mountain geography.

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