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An Interview With Workout Anytime CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Strickland, and COO, Mark de Gorter

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Workout AnytimeClub Insider has chronicled the growth and success of health and fitness club franchises for many years, and one of the things we chose to do years ago was to limit the number of franchise groups we would accept as advertisers at any given time to three.

You may wonder why I made this decision long ago. The reason is that, for years, I've believed we have far too many franchises popping up, and as that has happened, I believe some, if not many, of them have been poorly prepared to do what they are doing and were not organizations I would be comfortable supporting and promoting to my friends who read Club Insider.

Trust me when I say that, when you see an advertisement in Club Insider, no matter what the product or service they are advertising is, they will be an organization whom I TRUST. Period. Without TRUST in the company, I will not accept their money to help them promote their products and services. You may color me WEIRD. Or, color me DUMB. But, that's my story with Club Insider Advertisers, and I'm sticking to it! So, when you see one of the ads from any of our Club Insider Advertisers, you can take it to the bank that I TRUST the company, and more importantly, I trust the people BEHIND the company! So, to say that I'm extremely careful with the choices of club franchisors with whom I will do business would be an understatement.

For the last three months, we've had only two club franchisors as advertisers in Club Insider, and they are the two great companies: Planet Fitness (See Page #2) and Crunch Fitness (See Page #5). We have been at two club franchisors because World Gym International dropped out of advertising after two full years. Because we had three club franchisors for the past two years, the folks at Workout Anytime had been on a waiting list for two years before we installed them as Club Insider Advertiser Teammates. And, this is the first month of their advertising agreement because they also brought on board a company they do business with to advertise in Club Insider to help market and promote: reACT Fitness, which is why you have seen the reACT Fitness Outside Back Page Ads for the last three months.

Steve Strickland, CEO and Co-FounderSteve Strickland, CEO and Co-Founder

Introducing Workout Anytime

Steve Strickland, CEO and Co-Founder, and John Quattrocchi, President and Co-Founder, founded Workout Anytime in 1999 in Douglasville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The founders started with nine company-owned Workout Anytime Clubs. They started franchising in 2006 and reached 50 locations eight years later, in 2014. But, growth quickly accelerated; it only took two years to get from 50 to 100 locations. Now, at 140 locations, they're projecting to have more than 200 locations at this time next year.

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