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Mike Feitelberg and The Edge

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Dave BeadleDave Beadle

The first club to respond to our call recently issued in Club Insider was The Edge in South Burlington, Vermont. Mike Feitelberg, Edge President was excited to share what his club is doing to become a wellness hub in their community:

Dave Beedle (DB) - Why did you decide to target workplace and/or medical fitness in your market?
Mike Feitelberg (MF) - To differentiate ourselves from the marketplace, improve the lives of those who would not traditionally walk through our doors and immerse ourselves as a key stakeholder in preventative care.

DB - What does your market look like? Competition?
MF - We are differentiating ourselves from the market through our credentialed staff, evidenced-based programming, supported by our comprehensive outcome data, and the full body approach to overall wellness.

DB - What does your ideal workplace/medical fitness prospect/client look like?
MF - We ultimately open the door to anyone looking to gain additional guidance and structure when it comes to overall health and wellness. Our target market, specifically, is the ~83% of the population who would not traditionally walk through your health club doors. We want to assist those who really need the support to assist in increasing their level of physical activity, improving their nutrition, and ultimately, increasing their quality of life through the tools we provide in our wellness programming.

DB - How do you find prospects?
MF - We do a lot of outreach with corporate organizations, which has helped to increase participation in our program. We also gain a lot of leads and interest via our website and online portal. We have also used traditional marketing tools to increase awareness (social media, newspapers, advertisements, etc).

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