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A Tribute to Brother Michael Scott Scudder

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Michael Scott Scudder, January 2004Michael Scott Scudder, January 2004

This Tribute to club consultant, former club operator and fitness industry veteran, Brother Michael Scott Scudder, age 75, was completed on the 4th of July, the day Brother Scudder was buried at a small, Jewish and non-sectarian cemetery affiliated with the Taos Jewish Center. Brother Scudder had suddenly died at his home in Taos, New Mexico on Friday, June 30th from complications related to his June 7th hip surgery. Michael's wife of many years, Phyllis Landis, wrote that doctors believed her husband had died from a pulmonary embolism. An autopsy was being done.

Club Insider's January, 2004 Cover Story featured Brother Michael Scott Scudder, and I began that story with a reference to one of the world's most beautiful songs ever: "RETURN to INNOCENCE" by Enigma.

I referenced "RETURN to INNOCENCE" because it's a mesmerizing Indian song that I thought was appropriate because Michael Scott Scudder, and yours truly, many years ago had shared with each other the fact that we were both part Cherokee Indian.

If you Google the beautiful song and play it while you follow these words, you will more clearly understand my lead-in comments published in Brother Scudder's January, 2004 Cover Story, that I'm now quoting directly from at the beginning of this Tribute to Brother Michael Scott Scudder.

First, the amazing verses of the song: "RETURN to INNOCENCE" - "Love... Devotion... Feeling... Emotion... Don't be afraid to be weak. Don't be too proud to be strong. Just look into your heart, my friend. That will be the return to yourself. The RETURN to INNOCENCE. If you want, then start to laugh. If you must, then start to cry. Be yourself, don't hide. Just believe in destiny. Don't care what people say. Follow your own way. Don't give up, don't give up. To return, to RETURN to INNOCENCE. If you want, then laugh. If you must, then cry. Be yourself, don't hide. Just believe in destiny."

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