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Why Working at The Claremont Club is More Than a Job

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Mike BoosMike Boos

I have worked at The Claremont Club for 23 years now, and there are many reasons why. Let me tell you about one.

I am associated with people who volunteer their time in an interfaith group in our community of Claremont. This group has been working to place and integrate refugees from the war-torn Middle East. One such family is from Syria. Their teenage daughter was shot and paralyzed by a sniper three years ago, and she arrived with her family in the United States several months ago.

When I found out about their circumstances, I immediately thought that we here at The Claremont Club and Project Walk, our spinal cord injury therapy center, could help. I brought their story to our CEO, Mike Alpert, and he was so enthusiastic and optimistic about the prospect of helping that he presented the situation to Lori Hargrave, at the Be Perfect Foundation, to see if they could sponsor Nadia and her family into the program.

After a few meetings, it looks as though Nadia will be receiving fully-funded therapy at Project Walk, and her family a full membership at The Claremont Club, and she will also be receiving important medical attention thanks to Dr. Salas and the Kaiser medical team. Christy Anderson, from the refugee resettlement team, sent me this note when I asked her how the important meeting went.

"Hey mike! I've been meaning to write you all day! It went fabulous!!! thank YOU!!!! Nadia and her dad were so, so grateful. I had to hold back tears. You got this rolling for them. The world is better for having people like you in it! This is life changing!"

While Nadia and her family still have many challenges to overcome, it is gratifying to know that I had the opportunity, in some small way, through my work here at The Claremont Club, to make a positive impact in the lives of people truly in need of help.

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