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Casey Conrad Releases New Fitness Sales Book Targeted at Helping Clubs Compete

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WAKEFIELD, R.I. - Casey Conrad, long-time health and fitness industry consultant, has just released a new book entitled, Selling Against the Low-Cost Club. The 172-page book focuses on providing advanced, very specific strategies and skills for fitness salespeople who have a low-cost competitor in their market.

When asked how this book was different from her previous sales books, Conrad stated, "The level of sales skills necessary to successfully compete with a low-cost club is much higher than the basic eight steps to selling that I've been teaching for 30+ years. Unless consumers are fully educated as to the pros and cons of different fitness options in their market, they will too often buy on price alone. Mid-tier clubs are in a very difficult space; they aren't the lowest, and they aren't the highest. Learning how to work with prospects at a deeper sales level is critical. This book discusses the mindset, the strategies and the skills, and it provides detailed scripts."

The book has 13 chapters, including, Why You Should Love the Low-Cost Clubs, Know Thy Enemy, Qualification Secrets, Differentiate or Die, Slay the Dragon and Dare to Be Great. It was designed to be utilized as an interactive workbook with the goal of getting industry salespeople to feel good about having a low-cost competitor in their market.

Conrad notes, "Low-cost clubs are great for our industry. They provide an entry level for many consumers, as well as a great value for fitness enthusiasts. Mid-tier clubs also provide an important level of product for consumers, and unless salespeople learn to identify what a prospect really needs and then clearly articulate how their club might be a better fit, the mid-tier clubs will continue to struggle and close. This would be unfortunate because consumer choice is important."

The initial responses from a handful of operators who are familiar with selling against low-cost competitors has been good:

  • Mike Gelfgot, a long-time multi-club owner with the Anytime Fitness franchise says, "LOVE this book! Casey is on the money with the points she makes. A must read."
  • Beth Saroka, who has owned and operated Onslow Fitness in Jacksonville, N.C. for 30 years states, "I've been a Casey Conrad fan for decades and have all her materials. This new book is exactly what my sales team needs for the current competitive landscape. Psychology, skills and action. Our closing percentages are up already. Thank you, Casey."

Casey Conrad has been a worldwide industry consultant for over 30 years. She is the author of numerous books, including Selling Fitness, Selling Personal Training, Internet Marketing for Health & Fitness Clubs, The business of Yoga, and Hidden Profits; The real truth about making money in the fitness industry. In addition, Conrad has numerous online training programs. Her materials, including the new book can be purchased at

Selling Against The Low-Cost Club

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