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A Letter to The Claremont Club

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The Claremont ClubPublisher's Note: Mike Alpert, the President and CEO of The Claremont Club in Claremont, California, shared the following letter from one of his associates, and it truly is a sincere and moving account of one person's survival battle with cancer. May God Bless Ruth and her daughters!

Here's what Mike wrote to our good friend, John McCarthy and me:

"I want to share this email from Ruth Castro with both of you (I consider you both mentors who mean a lot to me). I'm not sure what to say other than this is the reason that every single health club in the world should be offering this program for free to people in their communities who are struggling with cancer."

-Mike Alpert

Dear Denise,

I am writing in regard to the Living Well After Cancer program that I am participating in at the moment. I am beyond words in how to express how much this program has changed my life. In 2013, I was informed that my Neuroendocrine Cancer of the lung had metastasized to the bones in my spine in various parts, from my cervical spine to my sacrum. I received radiation, which relieved my pain for about one year. Just when I thought I was ready to start 'getting back my life' in 2014, I began suffering from excruciating bone pain. Again, I was informed the bone mets were now in my hips, femur, additional spots along my spine and liver.

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