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Go, Go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Growing up in the 1990s, I can still remember the refrain from this classic kid's television show, and at my then young age, this group of world savers was as big as it got. Well, maybe with the exception of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now, the Avengers. As I prepared for this month's cover story on Stevenson Fitness and my interview with Owner, Chris Stevenson, I learned he was a stunt performer for the internationally touring Power Rangers Live Show, eventually becoming the Red Power Ranger himself. The flood gates of nostalgia opened wide, and later, our talk on the subject was a lot of fun. Don't worry, though, I will spare you from those details to focus on the more important topic at hand: the story of Chris Stevenson and Stevenson Fitness.

Chris Stevenson grew up in Cleveland Ohio, and at a young age, he excelled at martial arts. So much so that, in his early teen years, he was a Black Belt and teaching adults! In his mid-to-late teen years, he was managing the studio in which he learned his craft. Being an all-around-athlete, he also played basketball, football and soccer, but during his time at the private St. Ignatius High School, he made the difficult decision to drop his other sports to focus on martial arts. It would be a decision that had lifetime ramifications, and as you learn his story, you will find it was a bold, yet correct, decision for a then-teenager to make.

Following high school, Chris attended college at Baldwin Wallace University, earning a degree in business. Having been in cold climates all of his life, following college, Chris made the decision to make the move to warmth. He settled in Los Angeles, and eventually, as so many before him, after a lot of hard work and a variety of jobs, he found his way into entertainment, becoming part of the Power Rangers Live Show. This, of course, led to other stunt work on TV and the silver screen. Living that life, though, required flexibility, and he found it in once again teaching martial arts.

That is where we will pick up the story of Chris Stevenson in his own words, and I invite you to read on, because Chris is a very charismatic and funny, yet powerfully driven person who has paid his dues, learned the craft of his industry from the ground up and is now giving back to that industry. With that, Go, Go Chris Stevenson!

An Interview With Chris Stevenson, Owner of Stevenson Fitness

C.I. - When and how did you get involved in the health and fitness club industry?
CS - When the first Power Rangers tour (Power Rangers) came to an end, I knew there would still be work, but it would be more sporadic. I needed some sort of regular job. I had my degree in business, but a corporate job wasn't going to work because it wouldn't give me the flexibility I needed to do Power Rangers. I also had a handful of stunt work on other movies and television shows, so I had to identify something that would allow me to continue to do Power Rangers and the other stunt work. I was doing martial arts training with a friend in Woodland Hills, and he told me he had a buddy who had just opened up a gym in Agoura Hills. He was a martial arts guy but couldn't teach the classes and needed someone to help. It was perfect, so I started teaching martial arts again at this health club. With the exception of a pool, racquetball and steam/sauna, it was a full-service club.

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