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How to Skyrocket Sales in Your Gym Immediately!

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

Do you have a quality gym but are having difficulty getting more people to join? I've found that the solution to getting more people to join can be very basic. There are many little things that can be adjusted to make the membership sales process more effective. Here are a few thoughts I can share with you to increase your membership sales immediately.

These methods will work regardless of what your dues are or what system you are using to sell. That's the simplicity of this! These strategies can make a huge difference in your gym sales production if you just apply them.

1. Build Impulse With Your Gym Guest. Impulse is defined as your prospect's "willingness to buy." You must know that your gym guest's impulse is near ZERO when he first hears about your club. It is your job as a professional gym marketer and professional gym salesperson to raise the impulse with your guest by using a series of strategic steps until your guest joins.

Your membership presentation has to be well thought-out in order to raise impulse effectively. You must anticipate those points in the presentation where the club guest's impulse level will drop. Use the club's hot spots and benefits your guest would like to receive to raise the impulse back up and always close at the very peak of his impulse level for best results. Treat it like its "Love at First Sight."

In the end, desire, without urgency, will not work, and the value must exceed the price. You can control both.

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