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Marketing and Selling to Special Populations

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Casey ConradCasey Conrad

If you follow any of my writings or lectures, you've heard me say it a million times, "You get rich in the niche!" Marketing to a very specific customer is much easier for several reasons:

  • When you can identify a niche, you can find them. This allows you to locate marketing mediums that will reach that population. You can't market to someone you can't find.
  • When you know your customer, you can message much more effectively. Headlines and benefits become easy and much more effective in "speaking" to that prospect, which will always result in a better response rate.
  • When you understand a niche, you can develop better offers that are attractive to them, their concerns and make them more comfortable in taking action.

Of course, once you have attracted the right prospect, you still have to make the sale. Selling to a niche market is SO much easier than a general prospect who has walked through the door:

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