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Branding Ideas You May Have Forgotten That Will Work for Every Gym

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

No doubt that we live in a digital world with many opportunities for branding and to create awareness of a gym or studio. But, with that said, there are many opportunities to brand and promote your gym outside of digital. In the end, your goal should be to be known by everyone in your trade area, so you want to utilize every option you can. Here are a few ideas that tend to be forgotten:

  1. 1. Business Cards - Think of this as your own personal billboard. Rather than hope that someone you just met will remember your email address and phone number, business cards are your tangible reinforcements. A high-quality business card could be what earns you that callback, which is normally the goal of giving them out. It's important that your cards properly represent you and your gym brand and add that extra bit of credibility. Use both sides of the card.
  2. 2. Snail Mail - Snail mail still works. As a matter of fact, because it is less popular, your personal handwritten Thank You Card could be the way you effectively get in contact with someone who might normally be hard to reach. For example, are you sending handwritten thank you cards to your new members? To club guests who don't join? To members who bring in a guest? If you are looking for differentiation, this is a good place to start.
  3. 3. Public Speaking Opportunities - Public speaking is like giving your blog post a vitamin B shot... it's a great way to network and gain credibility with an entirely new audience. The idea here is to put effort into the content you present and make sure you leave a lasting impression while educating and sharing "how to's." Take that "how to" blog you wrote and use that as your guide for a speaking engagement. Even if you don't immediately walk away from the speaking event with a lead, your gym will be attached to the memorable seminar on how to lose weight (for example). By doing this, the next time expertise is needed for that, your name and gym will ideally pop into their mind.

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