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Augie and Lynne NietoAugie and Lynne Nieto

Heroes and Villains. Villains and Heroes. The comic book, television and movie universes have revolved around the classic dichotomy of two relatively simple concepts: Good and Evil. In the aforementioned lore of old and new, with good, evil rises in balance. In turn, good rises to create counter-balance. And, on and on we go into sequel after sequel, each usually worse than the previous. Thankfully, real life can be different... if we try.

At the 2015 Bash for Augie's Quest, an artist painted Superman on canvas as John Ondrasik, the incredible singer of Five for Fighting, sang It's Not Easy (Superman). Having only taken five minutes to create, and I am sure a thousand times longer practicing its creation, the painting went on to be the headlining item of the silent auction for the night, raising tens of thousands of dollars for Augie's Quest. Being there for that moment was incredible. And, I have no problem admitting that, for me, as tears ran down my face, it was the moment I knew ALS would be defeated... In my lifetime. In Augie's lifetime.

Villains rise because there is no one to defend whom they terrorize. As the villain that is ALS rose in Augie Nieto, he said, "NO," and became a superhero who would bring rise to a movement that has created defenses against the horrible disease. In time, his literal superhuman efforts will provide the cure, and thus, the ultimate defense against ALS. But, let us not forget Lois Lane!!! At the side of every Superman is a Lois. Augie's Lois is Lynne Nieto. As his muscles gave out, she became his arms and legs. As his vocal cords could not resonate, she became his voice. No one ever said a Superman had to be a man. Thankfully, there is Superwoman.

The ultimate combination of Augie and Lynne Nieto, Superman and Superwoman, has taken ALS by storm! Tens of millions of dollars have been raised for Augie's Quest in order to cure this horrible disease. In turn, the incredible researchers at ALS TDI have created AT-1501, which is now in human trials. Just to even get to this point is promising, but the fight is not over! Every villain has a moment where they are on the ropes, but they fight back! That moment is now, but this villain cannot be allowed to rebound and win.

Supporting our Superman and Superwoman, the health and fitness club industry has fundraised like never before; it will go down in history! In terms of health and fitness club chains, our friends at Workout Anytime are KAPOWing it and LA Fitness are WHAMing it! And, of course, we would be remiss not to mention the incredible efforts of Orangetheory Fitness, where they are POWing it! You are all incredible! KEEP IT UP!

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