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NFPT Announces its Fitness Trends of 2018

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LAFAYETTE, IN (By NFPT's Erin Nitschke) - Keeping pace with health and fitness trends is at the heart of a passionate fitness professional. This industry is dynamic; always growing, forever evolving, and progressing. Each year, thousands of fitness professionals look forward to learning the "top trends" for the upcoming year.

Some trends appear and reappear on yearly lists, while others are replaced by new and more dynamic approaches to teaching our clients the art and science of living well.

This year, we will see some of the same trends perhaps with a different twist. We will also see some new developments take place of old theories.

Here's what you can expect for the 2018 year in health and fitness.

1. Wearable Tech. Wearable technology and fitness trackers are popular and varied. It's likely we will continue to see advancements in the abilities and features of these fashionable fitness accessories.

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