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A Letter About PHIT From IHRSA President & CEO, Joe Moore

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Joe Moore, IHRSA President & CEOJoe Moore, IHRSA President & CEO


2017 was nothing short of exhilarating, a year energized by our industry's united effort to build a healthier, stronger and more prosperous nation through the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

I personally want to thank you for your hard work to get Congress to enact PHIT. Your efforts raised the visibility of the bill and the urgency of passing it, increased the number and scope of PHIT supporters and Congressional co-sponsors and set the stage for even further advancement in 2018.

Please ask your representatives in Congress to include PHIT in the omnibus spending bill:

The political landscape in Washington is shifting quickly, on a daily basis even, bringing new, and sometimes unanticipated, windows of opportunity.

If we're to make the most of the possibilities this environment brings, our concerted efforts to pass PHIT must remain strong.

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