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Re-package, Re-brand and Re-launch? Or Do We Need To Dig Deeper?

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Ed TockEd Tock

Quality is the number one reason people will support your brand and be loyal. In our industry, it is the quality of the relationship that the member has with the club and its staff that will affect their loyalty.

Leading consumer-products companies are investing to revitalize their products and their brand packaging sooner than ever, and with more frequency.

If you want to hold the leadership position in your market, you must invest in and strategically differentiate yourself. It is not enough to appear to be different, you must BE different. Those who don't understand the fundamentals of your brand would have you believe that image is everything. When, in reality, image is only skin deep. Remember what Tom Peters famously said: "Perception is reality."

The overwhelming number of possibilities to get healthy through ideas and products on the internet, along with the 52,000+ available fitness facilities (commercial, residential, etc.), complicates and exhausts the buying decision of joining one of our clubs. Add to that the stressed out lifestyles we lead. We wind up feeling very overloaded and confused.

To compete strategically, your club or corporate brand image must be powerful, its culture engaging and its vision determined. In short, for your company to succeed to its full potential, your brand must be absolutely focused.

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