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Become a Media Darling in the Fitness Center World

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

Everyone wants advice on fitness. They want to know the best workout for their body type, where to work out, how to improve their timing, their abs, their recovery and the list goes on. Consumers' demands for information are infinite, and the media cannot keep up. They need and rely on the assistance of "those in the know" to keep them up to speed on the fitness industry.

People are more interested in seeking out the tutelage of celebrities than someone who has the knowledge and expertise to really help them. This is because celebrities have the fitness and fortune consumers envy and aspire to achieve. The key note to remember is that, more often than not, it's the fitness center and its trainers who are the experts celebrities rely on to help them maintain their good bodies.

This begs the question: Are celebrities experts? 99 out of 100 are not; it is their influence that sways the masses. But, you can harness the secret of that influence. Use public relations techniques to transform your brand into a media darling, the company that consumers love and journalists can count on. Then, your experts will be quoted in the media, and people will perceive your club as the spot where celebrities work out.

  • Determine who on the team will be speaking with media. Is it the owner, the manager or the most popular trainer?
  • Who will be pitching media on the spokespersons behalf? Is it the marketing director? The office manager?
  • All of these are viable options if you don't have a paid spokesperson or PR firm.

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