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Mike Alpert is CEO and President of The Claremont Club in Claremont, California.

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Inactivity, Sedentary Lifestyles and Overeating...
July 2018 - Inactivity, sedentary lifestyles and overeating, which are major causes of chronic illness, pose a very challenging and scary future for our country. I was recently at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and could not help but notice the huge number of adults and children who were overweight or obese. It was truly shocking. At the hotel pool, and at the parks, over two-thirds of the people I saw fit into this category. Whether we were eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, seeing the amount and types of food that was being consumed literally turned my stomach. Read Article...

Launch Your Own Augie's Quest Fundraising Effort!
February 2019 - As the month of March approaches, I look forward to two things: MLB Spring Training and our annual IHRSA convention, especially when it is in San Diego, one of my favorite cities in the United States. Like many of you, the opportunity to meet old friends and make new friends, as well, as to soak in all the education I can makes IHRSA a can't miss event. Importantly, it also allows me to attend and support Augie's Quest on the Friday evening of the convention. That is why I want to dedicate this article to my dear friend and industry icon, Augie Nieto. Read Article...

January 2019 - The story I want to share with you this month is about a beautiful young girl by the name of Nadia. I met her two years ago after my Facility Director shared a link to her story that was on NBC News Los Angeles. I was absolutely mesmerized as I watched the segment unfold, and I could not stop thinking about how lucky I was to be living a healthy and independent life in the United States. Read Article...

The "Insider Speaks"
An Important Message for The Industry

June 2020 - Last month, my article focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect that it is having on our industry. We have all struggled with being isolated at home, and our clubs were closed for almost three months. Many have been struggling to keep their businesses going, and the financial and emotional stress has certainly taken a toll on everyone. But, this month, I am moved to focus my article on something that we all should feel strongly about as an industry: Diversity and Equality. Read Article...

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