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Driving to Prime

Get the WHOLE story. For years, Dr. Faust has been giving speeches and seminars and doing workshops built around the concept of the Life Cycle of Organizations. But, seminars and speeches are not long enough to tell the whole story and explain the full power of these concepts. This program was designed to tell the rest of the story: to go beyond describing the Life Cycle of Business and to explain how you apply it to Drive Your Organization to Prime.

This program not only expands the description of the phases, but it also discusses how to do turnarounds of Aging organizations and what the keys are to making transitions from each of the phases to the next healthy phase. Included are many features that go beyond this 4-disc DVD Series. The extensive manual/workbook summarizes key content, adds additional related concepts and provides exercises and processes that will help you discuss the concepts with your team and apply them in your business.

This is much more than a video series. With it comes access to an ongoing program and set of tools that will help you implement what you learn in the videos as well as continue to extend your knowledge about concepts and processes that will speed your Drive to Prime.

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Driving to Prime